Returning from a trip 

We are back home! This trip was long. But we managed to have some fun amidst all of the doctors appointments. Having a clean house to return to, was an awesome feeling.

Here’s some tips for returning home from a trip!

First leave as soon as possible. We usually leave around 6 or 7 am, but Sophia had to be discharged from children’s before we could leave this time. So, we didn’t get on the road until around 11am. But as soon as we could leave, we did. We packed back up way beforehand, and left right away.

Grab some water for the trip, and we packed enough snacks for the drive up, and drive back.

When you do get home, unpack the car completely. It may seem easier to just bring in the essentials, but believe me, you want to get everything inside.

Speaking of, unpack your bags right away. It’s tempting to sit and veg when you first get home. But unpacking everyone’s bags immediately is so much easier. Get everything put away, and suitcases stored.

Start at least one load of laundry. You’re bound to have a lot of dirty laundry after a trip, so starting laundry right away, will make everything much easier to deal with.

Give baths. I was really tempted to just bathe Sophia the next morning. (Especially since she had a ton of glue in her hair from the eeg 😒) But it is much better to wake up to everyone being clean and ready for the day.

We also had my husbands parents watch our dogs while we were gone, so I made them a thank you gift. It’s a simple way to show your appreciation for someone helping you out while you’re gone.

Make a grocery list on the drive home. I have our weeks list ready to get, so I don’t have to try and quickly throw together one, and forget things.

Sophia is also having a pj day, so she can lounge after such a long drive.


2 thoughts on “Returning from a trip ”

  1. Another tip from an Army wife who transferred and traveled extensively: garment bags! That way you can keep your clothes on hangers and rehang them immediately upon returning. We also keep a toiletry kit packed and ready to go in the linen closet- easier than packing and unpacking full sized ones- plus you can “restock” with new ones from your hotel room.

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    1. We have one in our emergency bag. But we have an extra toothpaste in our travel bathroom bag, and we have the patients belonging bags for dirty clothes lol our hotel, unfortunately, only has shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers on the wall lol


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