Favorite Cleaning Products

When my husband and I first moved in together, I was pretty much a slob. I didn’t clean a lot, and I was pretty disorganized. Over the years I started to get better at it, but it wasn’t until we had Sophia, and I became a stay at home mom, that I really found my groove with cleaning. I never thought I would enjoy cleaning, because what weirdo does? Well…this one does…now lol. 

I always have antibacterial products in my stash. I am adamant about keeping nasty bacteria away from Sophia, to the best of my ability, to prevent illness. I also though, went looking for more natural products, that weren’t as harmful chemically to children either. 

So, here’s what I’m currently loving in my daily cleaning routines.

This doesn’t include bathroom supplies, or actual “equipment” (ie brooms, vacuums, or mops)

So starting from the left, is good old Clorox disinfecting wipes. I use them on everything really. But I really focus on using them to wipe down counters after cooking with raw meats.

Febreeze is the next product. I like to spray the curtains, couches, and dog beds down with them every now and then, to get the musties out.

Method antibacterial spray. I also use this on countertops, and it has a light scent that isn’t too over powering, plus it’s made with natural ingredients.

Method multi surface spray in lime and salt scent. I absolutely love this spray. I use it to dust the house with a microfiber cloth, and as I’ve told my husband many a times, the scent reminds me a little of cologne. It smells amazing. And it’s a natural cleaning product.

Microfiber towels are also amazing. They pick up dust really well (I was a huge fan of swifter dusters until I discovered the magic of microfiber), and they are washable (by hand), so they can be used over and over and are much less wasteful.

Mr clean concentrated liquid. This stuff is awesome. I use it to mop the floors with, and to clean tubs. It smells great, but not super overpowering like pine sol can be.

Mrs. Meyers multi surface spray in peony scent. I also love to use this spray to dust with, but this scent is only available in the spring/summer time. It smells great, and is also made with natural ingredients. 

What are your favorite cleaning products?

If you would like to know more about my cleaning routines, other tools, etc. Let me know!☺


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