Hi! My name is Lizzie. I’m a stay at home mom, to a beautiful little girl named Sophia. And married to my high school sweetheart Eric. When I was around 32 weeks pregnant, we found out that our daughter had a heart condition, we then found out that she had trisomy 18. A “fatal” diagnosis. Sophia came at 35 weeks, small but mighty! We’ve had a long journey, and I became a stay at home mom by default. I never expected to be one, and I didn’t think that I would enjoy it either. I discovered, that I love staying home with my little girl. And surprisingly, loved home making. As someone who has always worked, and has had my fair share of take out menus, the transition was easier than expected. I’m excited to share my favorite recipes, organizing tips, special needs mom hacks, etc.

If you’d like to follow Sophia’s journey here’s a link to her page